Income and Expense Disclosure

I know I am not required to disclose income and expenses.  But I want to be transparent (and be clear that this isn’t a money making venture.)

This past year (as of Dec 28th) had 1328 posts.

On the revenue side, recieved $100 advertising from Google (it took 21 months to actually earn $100 from Google.)

Because Google hasn’t worked all that well, I switched my two top advertising spots to Beacon Ads in March and earned $99.40 from March to December.

Amazon is by far the largest revenue source. recieved $1081.16 (overall this was a 6.6% referal amount.)  So the total revenue amount this year was $1280.56 or about $0.96 per post. (All revenue is through Dec 27th and expenses should be through the end of the year.)

On the expense side, I pay contributors a pittance of $5 per book review (or equivalent in books) and this year there were 48 contributor book reviews (more than all previous years combined.)  I also paid $386 for hosting and domain registration (this is actually 2 years worth but they were all paid this year.)  I also paid $229 for my Audible membership (24 audiobooks, not including a couple of free books and other discounted audiobooks.)  And $119 for a new Kindle to review (and keep using.)  Finally I bought $809 in books this year that I have either reviewed or will review soon.  That is a net loss of just under $300.


Thank you for a wonderful service! I am using it constantly ordering e-books (and Audiobooks) as a result.

    It is really my love of helping people find a good book that I do it. I have a post next week about some changes that I am going to make this coming year. But I really enjoy blogging and hope that others like you enjoy the result.

(Your financial statement sounds like you’re eligible for the Brennan Buy-High-Sell-Low school of economics!)

Yes, I agree with Roy Smith – thank you Adam! You work so faithfully at a valuable service that shows a negative income . . . oh, wait, that sounds like our Sacred Friendship ministry!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts, esp. your response to Howatch’s series. You have introduced me to books I have enjoyed immensely, to writers I’d have known nothing about did I not read your reviews.

And I’ve collected many free volumes for my Kindle – and other classics for a small pittance. For all its convenience, I still prefer a regular printed book over the Kindle version, not least for turning pages, looking in several places at once, writing notes, highlighting, etc.

Looking forward to what your 2014 changes might include.

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