7 Free Christian Kindle Books

Flirting with the ForbiddenFlirting With the Forbidden by Steven James

185 pages, 9 of 9 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled

In our fallen world, temptation is normal. We run into it every day and we all are susceptible to falling victim to its enticements. We’re tempted to cheat on our taxes, milk the clock, lust after someone other than our spouse, dishonor our parents, lie to our friends, covet our neighbor’s trip to Europe. But just because we must live with temptation doesn’t mean we have to let it master us.

In Flirting with the Forbidden, bestselling author Steven James reminds readers that we are always just one step away from bowing to temptation, that we all share the same potential and propensity for evil. Combining powerful first-person narratives from Scripture with thought-provoking reflections on temptation, discipleship, and grace, James helps readers grow in discernment and reliance on the Holy Spirit and develop a deeper, more intimate walk with Christ.

My Friend JesusMy Friend Jesus by Gary Lombardo

206 pages, 12 of 16 reviews are 5-star, Lending Enabled

On his early morning walk through a sun-washed meadow, born-again Christian Cephas Guzik observes a never-before-seen flock of wild sheep on a familiar hillside. They stand in an unmoving circle around their shepherd, who sits cross-legged in the center. Who is this stranger? Why is he smiling at Cephas? Going over to find out, Cephas is suddenly aware of every historical event from Genesis to the present time. He knows the position and number of all the electrons in the universe. His thoughts are pure, holy, peaceful, perfect. Thereupon he experiences some sort of convulsion, and is face to face with a heavily bearded man in a white woolen robe.

Since being saved two years before, Cephas has prayed that he would have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ on earth, before he died. Has his prayer been answered? Is this shepherd the risen Messiah? This is what Cephas seeks to discover. Travel along with him as he embarks on the most unforgettable adventure of his life–with the most incredible man he would ever meet.

Set in the fictional town of Kidron, in modern-day America, My Friend Jesus is like no book you will ever read. It will forever change the way you look at sin, salvation, God, and Satan–and this dark, fallen world in which we all are forced to live.

The Fence My Father BuiltThe Fence My Father Built by Linda Clare

296 pages, 40 of 49 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled, Previously Free

In The Fence My Father Builtwhen legally separated Muri Pond, a librarian, hauls her kids, teenage Nova and eleven year-old Truman, out to the tiny town of Murkee, Oregon, where her father, Joe Pond lived and died, she’s confronted by a neighbor’s harassment over water rights and Joe’s legacy: a fence made from old oven doors.

The fence and accompanying house trailer horrify rebellious Nova, who runs away to the drug-infested streets of Seattle. Muri searches for her daughter and for something to believe in, all the while trying to save her inheritance from the conniving neighbor who calls her dad Chief Joseph. Along with Joe’s sister, Aunt Lutie, and the Red Rock Tabernacle Ladies, Muri must rediscover the faith her alcoholic dad never abandoned in order to reclaim her own spiritual path.

Griselda Takes FlightGriselda Takes Flight by Joyce Magnin

384 pages, 15 of 16 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled, Previously Free

Now that her morbidly obese sister, Agnes Sparrow, is comfortably dieting at the Greenbrier Nursing Home, Griselda learns to fly—literally—after a pilot makes an emergency landing and creates quite a ruckus in the otherwise sleepy town of Bright’s Pond.

But Griselda’s newfound freedom—and her flight time with handsome pilot, Cliff—is hampered by other happenings in town. Like the gold digger who prances around town and is supposedly engaged to Stella Kincaid’s brother—the lottery winner who is in a coma. And there’s Ivy Slocum’s dog, Al Capone, whose adventures continue long after they should.

When Chief of Police Mildred Blessing starts investigating the gold digger, however, things really heat up—for Griselda and all the residents of the unique Pennsylvania hamlet called Bright’s Pond!

The Big 5-OH!The Big 5-OH! by Sandra Bricker

290 pages, 69 of 91 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled, Previously Free

Olivia Wallace has a birthday curse . . . or so she thinks. It was a broken heart on her 16th, a car accident on her 21st, pneumonia on her 30th, and a fall down a flight of stairs on her 35th. There were Ohio blizzards on her 38th, 39th, and 40th; and six days before her 45th, she lost the love of her life to a heart attack. Numbing grief stole that birthday and a couple more to follow and, on the morning of her 48th birthday, she received the call she’d dreaded ever since losing her mom so many years ago…she was diagnosed with stage-3 ovarian cancer. The doctors didn’t hold out a lot of hope, but Liv survived and maintained her faith. Months of surgeries and chemotherapy and radiation treatments followed.

But now, as her 50th birthday creeps up the icy Ohio path toward her, her hair has grown back, her energy level is up, and she is officially cancer free. It makes her nervous. After everything she’s gone through, Liv hates the idea of driving on icy roads and returning to work as an O.R. nurse in a local Cincinnati hospital.

Her best friend Hallie knows just the thing to break Liv out of the winter doldrums, while providing a safe haven of warmth, sunshine, and a time to regroup: a holiday in the Florida sunshine!

The Dead Saint (Bishop Lynn Peterson)The Dead Saint by Marilyn Brown Oden

473 pages, 21 of 38 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled, Previously Free

It begins with a single gunshot, and Bishop Lynn Peterson watches in horror as a good friend, who is a member of the New Orleans Saints, collapses on the street.

When a medal the player wore—a medal Lynn had promised to return to the man’s family—disappears, Lynn is thrust into a suspenseful and fast-moving journey through four assassinations, an attempt on her life, conflicts with a mysterious and ancient society, and a behind-the-scenes conspiracy that reaches all the way to the White House.

The turbulent, unstoppable intrigue challenges Lynn mentally, physically, and spiritually as she engages in a desperate battle with an opponent who is just as determined to kill as Lynn is to stop him even though she has no idea where—or who—he will strike next.

The Sneezing Christmas TreeThe Sneezing Christmas Tree by Aaron Kerr

40 pages, 4 of 4 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled

The Sneezing Christmas Tree, a magical story that celebrates the joys of Christmas, the love of Jesus, and the power of finding your purpose. Come along on the story as we experience a very special Christmas through the eyes of Alice and her little brother, Tommy.

This story is meant for the family and is appropriate for all ages. I wrote it for my four beautiful daughters. I hope it is a blessing to you this Holiday season. Merry Christmas!


I have not read any of these books, so they may not be any good.  Some of the books from previous Free Book posts are still available for free. If you want to see all free books as they come out you should follow Books on the Knob on their RSS or Twitter Feed. Or Ireaderreview or the many free book threads on Amazon’s Message Boards.

As always please check to make sure the books are still free before you “buy” them, especially from Amazon. Prices can change quickly.  This may be a one day offer. Pick it up quick. If you do buy a book and realize later you have been charged for it, here is a guide on how to return a kindle book.

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