Addition by Adoption by Kevin Hendricks (A book review)

I posted a book review over at ChurchCrunch. Here is the start of the review:

Twitter is ubiquitous.  Now it is even a format for books ideas.  It seems odd, but as far as I can tell (in my very brief amount of searching) this is the first book made up mostly of a curated twitter stream.

I have read blog books, and journal books and letter based books, so the idea is not completely unique.  And I do not think it is likely to become widely used format.  140 characters is short, perfect for twitter, a bit too short for a book.

Catch the rest of the review at ChurchCrunch


interesting, pretty cool. Can't say I'ld want to read a twitter stream in a book 😛

    I think it is a good experiment with a form. I enjoyed it, it was a good length (about 80 pages), and I related to it well because of what I do. But I hope it does not become a trend.

Thanks for plugging my book again, Adam. Appreciate it.

Phillip, I definitely understand your concern. But I think what's different about my book is that it's curated around specific topics. It's not just the random Twitter stream of all sorts of random stuff. It's very tightly targeted around a specific topic. The result is that it tells a story–it's not just random updates. It may not be for everybody, but it is an interesting way to expand Twitter–heck, now my Grandma has heard of Twitter. 😉

And I definitely don't think I'm a trendsetter. This strikes me as a unique application of an idea and I can't see it taking off as any kind of trend.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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