Over the past two years of (and the previous I have messed around with advertising but I have not actually made any money except from Amazon affiliate links.

Today I am going to try again with Google Adsense.  I am not trying to make a lot of money with, simply pay for the hosting and get a bit of money to pay for the postage for the books I give away and if I have any left over, to buy some of the book I review.

Fiscal independence is not really a dream, I will never be a full-time blogger, but it would be nice to make enough that it isn’t a drain on my own personal budget.

So let me know what you think about the ads.  If you see any that are inappropriate, let me know and I can ban the ad.  If you see one that is interesting, click it.  But please do not click frivolously, that can get me banned from the program.

Right now, I am going to start with three ads along the right side of the screen.  I will probably experiment with location and size, but please be patient and please let me know if you have any thoughts about the ads.

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