Amazon is not Renting Kindle Books

Hoax2It is always odd to me how little people pay attention to blog posts past the initial headline and first paragraph or two.  I have seen about a dozen variation of “Amazon is Testing Kindle Book Rentals” over the past couple days.  They all link back to this post, which does show a kindle book rental.

The problem is that the book has an odd title Theories of International Politics and Zombies.  It is published by Princeton University Press and is actually a political science book.  Amazon has been renting textbooks, including kindle format text book rentals for a couple years.

In the comments of this original post, one of the commenters notes that this is actually a text book, that most of the questions that were asked were either on the page (yes you can upgrade the rental to a purchase later) or were on the Textbook Rental FAQ page.

Anyone can make a mistake.  I make them all the time and I try to correct them.  But all of the blog posts that I actually have read about this, were written (or at least posted) after the comments pointing out that this is not a new Amazon Kindle Book Rental program and it is not in a testing phase.  But the re-posters did not seem to get down that far.

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