Amazon Prime Day

KU-retail-lp_pinata._CB268739092_Today is Amazon’s big sale. There are lots of sale that are good, but here are a couple that might make sense for Readers. (These are only for Amazon Prime members. You can sign up for a free Amazon Prime Trial if you want.)

Amazon subscription book program is up to 40% off (when pre-purchasing from 6 to 24 months.)  The 6 month subscription for $45 is tempting for me. When combined with the sale on the basic Kindle is on sale for $50 ($30 off).  So you could read for six month from over 1 million ebooks with a new reader for less than $100.

Or, if you want a lighted screen the 3rd generation Paperwhite is on sale for $90 ($30 off). The Kindle Voyage is on sale for $150 ($50 off).  But I am not sure who I would recommend that device to. It has page turn buttons and is slightly lighter than the Paperwhite, but has the same screen as the Paperwhite. So I would probably recommend buying the Paperwhite and saving the $60 for books.)

Amazon also has their basic Tablet on sale for $33.33, a new low price (normally $50).  The basic tablet is good for reading books and watching videos, but I have owned two different Amazon Fire Tablets and was frustrated with both for being under powered. But at $33.33 it is a hard to pass up deal (and will sell out.)

Personally, I love my Amazon TV stick, which on sale for $25. But if I were purchasing today, I would probably spend the extra $10 and get the voice remote.

I have not noticed Kindle books being part of the sale. But I did see Water Isaacson’s 900 page biography of Kissinger is on sale for $3.99. The Fortress Press sale and July monthly sale are still going on.

Any particularly good deals you noticed.

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