Amazon Releases Unlimited Content for Kids

Amazon has recently announced a new program to Children’s content on the Amazon Fire.  Kindle Free Time Unlimited is a curated list of kid friendly games, apps, books, movies and TV program for the Kindle Fire.  It is aimed at children ages 3 to 8 and is only $2.99 a month for Amazon Prime members or $4.99 if you are not a member.

This seems to be a great option for a kid friendly version of Netflix with books and games thrown in.  It is only usable on the Kindle Fire 2 or Kindle Fire HD.

The content is from PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney, DC Comics and others. This works with the currently existing Parent Controls so parent can lock out a type of content (if you don’t want them play games, or watching TV) and you can set automatic time limits so a child can only play on the Fire for a specific amount of time.

The service is expected to roll out time time in the next month.

Here is Amazon’s commercial for it.

h/t Liliputing

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