’s Newest Innovation, Pre-orders Preorder

If you are interested, you can now pre-order Audiobooks.  Woohoo!

I am being a bit sarcastic, but Audible has started allowing for pre-orders.  This is not really a big deal.  But for people that have one of the basic 1 or 2 credit a month memberships, it will be helpful to be able to pre-order books instead of being forced to purchase a book that you want less because your credit will expire.  This is one reason that I always purchase annual plans where I get all of my credits at once and they do not expire.  Of course my annual plan is actually a 9 to 10 month plan and I re-subscribe a few months earlier every year.

If you are interested, there are currently 274 books available to preorder.  Several I really am interested in picking up.

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