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Money Secrets of the Amish

Money Secrets of the Amish: Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and SavingBook Giveaway: See end of review for rules

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In “Money Secrets of the Amish” Lorilee Craker finds a way to cram 25 pages of material into a 220 page book. I didn’t want to be critical of this book at all. In fact there are actually a lot of good tips in the book, however, if you read the table of contents you can pretty much figure out what to do without having to read the book.

The author did spend some time visiting the Amish in her research for the book and there are some fun anecdotes about her time spent among the Amish. She herself grew up Mennonite and was inspired by an NPR report on an Amish bank that had its best year ever in the middle of the financial meltdown late in the last decade.

Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions – Chapter 5

Mary Magdalene had a difficult couple of days after her best friend Jesus was crucified. She was numb all over. When she couldn’t stand it any longer she decided she would go to the place her friend was buried and mourn for him there.

She gathered up the spices of her religious custom to ensure that he was properly buried. She arrived at the tomb and found that Jesus’ body was gone. Immediately, Mary loses it. She goes to find a couple of Jesus’ guy friends to help her figure out what happened.

The guys showed up and sure enough Jesus’ body is no longer in the tomb. The guys totally forgot that Jesus’ was going to rise from the dead and they get angry. They looked at each other and said, “OK, it’s on. Let’s get everyone else and find the punk that took Jesus’ body and teach him a lesson.” They totally forgot that Mary was there and just leave her behind as they go to “save the day.”

Mary was not in a good place emotionally. Her good friend Jesus was crucified and when she came back to the tomb to care for him his body was gone. Her friends didn’t really ask how she was doing; they just came up with a plan to right the wrong and left her in the garden alone. After all of the emotion of the last few days she broke down in front of the tomb weeping for the friend she lost…not once, but twice.