Best Christian Book of All Time Bracket

The Best Christian Book of All Time TournamentI am NOT a sports fan.  I know in March college basketball has a tournament and lots of people work up brackets and win and lose lots of money betting on the games.  But that is the extent of my knowledge.  I have no idea whether it has started or in process right now.

But I do know it has spurred two different Tournament spin offs.

The Emerging Scholars blog started voting on their Best Christian book of all time tournament yesterday.  They are still in their first round so you can head over and get your vote in.

Marc Cortez has a tournament comparing all of the books of the bible.  His tournament is underway and already down to the top 16 books.

If you are a competition person, you might check these two out and vote on your favorites.

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Thanks for sharing our bracket, Adam!

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