The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm, illustrated by Gail Schoonmaker

The Big Picture Story Bible (Book and CD set)

Takeaway: A picture bible for Pre-school/early readers that shows the whole story of the bible as centered on Christ.

I do not often review kids books, but I read a good number of them.  I am a full time nanny for my two nieces (3.5 and 2) and so spend a good bit of time reading to them.  My wife is a teacher and moved the reading loft out of her classroom and into the bedroom that my oldest niece uses at our house.  So we rearranged all the books and have spent a lot of time reading books that have not been read recently.

I have had a copy of The Big Picture Story Bible since it first came out.  Gail Schoonmaker, the illustrator, was the parent of one of my wife’s 1st grade students at the time the bible came out and gave it to my wife as a Christmas present.

I have not read it to my nieces much prior to this because they were not quite ready for it.  With the rearranging of the books, it was rediscovered and we have read it a lot.

The pictures are beautifully painted (water color style paintings) and the text is written with a clear theological point.  The main point is that Christ is the focus of scripture.  It actually is a good book for Adults, especially people new to the bible to give an overview of the whole of scripture.

I thought it would be too old for my nieces, but especially the 3.5 year old is interacting with it very well.  I highly recommend it.  The current edition of the bible also has audio CDs to go alone with it, but I have not heard the CDs.  It has been a favorite baby present of our for a while, so we have purchased a number of copies to give away.

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