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I have been cleaning up my house and decided that it is time to give away some books.  Most of them I purchased and read before I stared, a couple of them are review copies.

Here are the rules. Ask for the book(s) you want.  Please only ask if you are going to read them.  If you ask for more than one book, I would like you to post at least one review on  Anyone is free to write up a short review (whether or not the book has been previously reviewed on  I will pay for all shipping.

Here are the books:

1) Life’s Big Questions by Erik Thoennes – My review – a very good introduction to theology.

2) A Life Together: Wisdom of Community From the Christian East by Bishop Seraphim Sigrist – My Review – Eastern orthodox perspective on community

Ramblings from the Shower: Integrity, Faith and other Simple yet Slippery Issues3) Ramblings From the Shower: Integrity, Faith and other Simple Yet Slippery Issues by Faye Bryant – I received this from a Catalyst pack about two years ago and have not gotten around to it yet.  It looks good, but haven’t read it.  Here is the description on the back: “From a modern day ‘Good Samaritan’ story, through the sea of emotions accompanying a battle with melanoma, to an honest open heart discussion of the pain of divorce, this author shares thoughts, wit and wisdom gained from her many conversations with the lord.  Along the way you will read how she found comfort and hope in knowing that God is more interested in how we worship rather than what we wear, howe we treat others rather than how we might appear, and how He wants us to trust Him than He can do good in our lives, even when things look really, really bad.

4) Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges – I had someone give this to me but I am not much into leadership books these days (I am a nanny, the most leadership I do is trying to corral a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old to the car).

5) Street Saints: Renewing America’s Cities by Barbara Elliott – I read this in 2004 when it was first published.  This is a great book on what Christians are doing in urban areas.  This is highly focused on profiling actual groups and individuals not just theory.

6) Real Hope in Chicago by Wayne Gordon – (This one is a bit beat up).  This autobiography was written in 1995.  Wayne Gordon was fresh out of college and started as a high school teacher and coach in the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago.  He moved to the neighborhood with his wife, started a church and eventually a full ministry center.  Wayne Gordon worked with John Perkins to start the Christian Community Development Association.  I think Christian biography and autobiography are some of the most import books to read for spiritual development.

7) The Messages of the Sermon on the Mount by John Stott – John Stott passed away last year, but we still should read his books and bible commentaries.  This is a very good full length book look at the sermon on the mount.

8.) The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell – this is a classic Gladwell book, if you have not read it, you really should.

9) 2009 Catalyst East complete DVD set

10) 2010 Catalyst East complete DVD set

I will have more books to give away later this week.  Just leave a comment below asking for the book and make sure you leave a good email address because that is how I will contact you to get your address.


would LOVE the Catalyst 2010 DVD set! If it’s still available. If not, the 2009?

Ramblings from the shower or street saints please

If still available, I will take The Messages of the Sermon on the Mount by John Stott. Sounds good.

I would like “A Life Together” please. I always enjoy things from a different perspective. And a little mystery and uncertainty is good for me.

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