– Discover More Books, a new book recommendation website, has entered the fray.

Bookish uses recommendation algorithms like Amazon or Goodreads, but also real editors to make suggestions.

I have only played with it briefly, but I have not been incredibly impressed.  You enter a book and it gives you recommendations.  More books entered, the better the recommendations supposed to be.

The basic problem with Bookish is that it does not seem to fit a need.

Amazon has the largest database of book purchases and there is no way that any other site will be able to build a comprable database.  So Amazon knows what books people buy and how to make recommendations.

Goodreads has created a very useful social media site for readers.  Goodreads has user reviews, recommendations, and a very active community.  Bookish only has recommendations.  If someone has already created a book database (I have over 1000 books and almost 700 reviews and/or rankings), then it is a lot of work to re-create another database on another site.  And as far as I can tell, Bookish does not have the ability to import (even though Goodreads can export).

But if you are looking for some new recommendations you might want to give Bookish a spin.

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