Reader Survey has grown significantly this year.  The average daily visits to the site are six times higher than last year.  And in the last couple months RSS and email views are about three times that of the visits to the actual site.  In order to make the best site it can be I would like you to answer 8 simple questions.  Thank you in advance.
[contact-form][contact-field label=’What is the main reason you read’ type=’radio’ options=’Book Reviews,Free Kindle Book Posts,Kindle Book Deals,Other’/][contact-field label=’How do you most often find out about Posts’ type=’radio’ required=’0′ options=’Facebook Fan Page,Twitter,RSS Subscriber,Email Subscriber,Google+,Pinterest, Occasionally visit,Other’/][contact-field label=’If free Kindle books are one of the reasons you visit%26#x002c; would you like more free book posts other than the current Christian Kindle book posts?’ type=’radio’ options=’No%26#x002c; I only reading Christian books,No%26#x002c; I like Christian books and find out about other free kindle books from another source,Yes%26#x002c; but keep doing the free Christian Kindle book posts,Yes%26#x002c; I would like a wide variety of free Kindle book posts,Other’/][contact-field label=’What would you like to see improved or changed about’ type=’textarea’ required=’0’/][contact-field label=’How long have you been reading’ type=’radio’ options=’A few weeks or less,Less than six months,About a year,About two years,More’/][contact-field label=’I would like to see…’ type=’radio’ options=’…more free book post,…more book reviews,…more kindle book deals posts,…more posts overall,…less free book posts,…less book reviews,…less kindle book deals posts,…less posts overall’/][contact-field label=’What is your favorite thing about’ type=’textarea’/][/contact-form]

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