Tami and AdamI am not a blogger. I have tried and failed miserably. Adam however, has found a way to challenge himself and enjoy reading more with this blog. He considers you friends, even though he doesn’t know most of you. He talks about ‘yall like you’ve know each other for years. So, in an effort to tell you about your friend’s real life, I’m chiming in. Some things you should know about Adam:  1. He doesn’t do much before he drinks coffee when we wake up at 5:30am Monday-Friday (which he drinks while checking his stats to see who visited overnight).  2. He has difficulty using a computer that only has one screen, it makes him feel less productive. 3. He doesn’t read fewer than 3 books at a time. That would just be boring!

I can’t keep up with what he’s reading and don’t read his blog on a regular basis (I probably shouldn’t admit that). I can only read one book at a time or I get really confused. I am also an extremely slow reader. So, with that, you have a little more information about the author of this blog…and his much less Bookwise wife.  Want to know more…come back next week. Feel free to leave me some questions in the comment section and I’ll be happy to answer them. Ask me anything…I’m here for you!

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