Buy a Membership to Get $100 Credit on Amazon

It should not be a surprise that I am a fan of audiobooks.  And the majority of my audiobooks are from  I wrote a general review of Audible about 6 months ago.  The only real difference from my earlier review is that is now up to more than 85,000 books.

If you are considering getting a membership to Audible, now is the time to do it.  If you sign up through Amazon, you will get a $100 credit toward the purchase of a Kindle, mp3 player, audio enabled GPS or some other devices or accessories (full list here).  The minumum membership level for the deal is the $14.95 a month for 1 book a month or $149.50 for 12 books all at once ($2.50 cheaper per book to get them all at once.)  The membership also gives you a 1 hour daily summary of either the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times and 30% off regular prices for any other books you purchase.  My membership level is $229.50 for 24 books to be used any time during the year.

Click here to sign up.  Current offer expires Jan 31, 2011.  So go get a membership for yourself and $100 credit toward that thing that that person in your life wanted for Christmas.

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