Cheap way to get a Kindle

I have been wanting a waterproof Kindle for a while. But I had the first generation Kindle Oasis and it was hard to justify spending $250 for waterproof.

But last week the Kindle Oasis 3 was announced. The main change is the addition of amber LEDs so you can change the color temperature of the light to be a more warm (yellow) light and less cold (blue) light.

Because of the announcement about the Kindle Oasis 3, Amazon has discounted the Kindle Oasis 2 to $199 for wifi version with 8GB storage, or $299 for the 32 GB version with wifi and cellular connection (both $50 off).

If you have an Amazon Prime credit card (or are willing to sign up) you can get 20% off (given as a credit toward future Amazon purchase.). If you are willing to sign up as a new customer, you get $70 credit. That reduces the $199 kindle to $129. (I got the version without ads so it was actually $219.99)

You can always get 25% off if you trade in an old Kindle. So if you have an old kindle to trade in, then you get a minimum $5 credit with the 25% off. That 25% was taken off of the $219, so it went to $165. Then the $70 credit plus the $5 credit for the old kindle dropped the $165 to $90.

I ended up having $9.90 in taxes, so that went to $99. And I will get a 20% credit. I assume that will be only from the $99, but it might be from the $165. So it will be somewhere between $20 and $33 in future credit.

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