Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Summary: We all know this story.

At some point, Audible was giving away this edition of Christmas Carol with Tim Curry as the narrator. As a certified book hoarder, I picked it up.

I had not previously read A Christmas Carol. To help get myself in the Christmas mood I decided to listen to it.

The story of a Christmas Carol is so deeply ingrained in our cultural imaginations with the huge number of adaptations that there was not any portion of the story that was a surprise. Many of the movies have been very close adaptations. That is not to say this isn’t a very good book. It is good, that is the reason it is such a part of our cultural understanding of Christmas.

A the very least A Christmas Carol does show that the fight over the meaning of Christmas is not new.

Tim Curry has narrated the audiobook well and if you choose to listen to an audiobook version, this one is a good choice. Audible has more than 30 different editions. There are full cast audio plays, children’s versions, abridged versions (of an already short book). And it has been narrated by everyone from Patrick Stewart to Orson Wells to Jonathan Winters.

I tend to stick with Audible’s Signature Performance editions when available because they have been so consistently good. Audible’s Signature Performance Edition of Wizard of Oz with Anne Hathaway (my review) is currently free this month. (You have to purchase the kindle edition first, then add on the audiobook.)

Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Purchase Links: Free Kindle Edition, Audiobook

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