Crash Course – A Review

screenshot_172The last couple weeks I have been a bit burned out on reading.  Part of it is good, I am doing a lot of processing and that requires time.  But part of it is just a natural part of reading a lot.  Every once in a while you just get tired of it all and need something else.

I have enjoyed John Green’s books for the last year or so since I first discovered them.  But it wasn’t until ( Contributor) Emily Flury told me that I she primarily knew John Green as one of the Vlogbrothers.  John and his brother Hank have been video blogging for years.  And now have over a dozen of channels on YouTube.

So over the past couple months I have been watching the Vlogbrothers channel and the Healthcare Triage.

About a month ago, I contributed to their CrashCourse channel.  CrashCourse is education taught by Hank and John.  Currently John is working through US History and Hank is teaching Chemistry.  They also have past courses in World History, Biology, Literature and Ecology.

It wasn’t until this last week that I actually watched some of the courses.  I started with a couple of Literature courses (these are about 15 minutes per session) for books that I had read.

Then I started US History.  I am now in 43 of 49 US history courses.  And I can heartily recommend them.  John is funny and the talks like his dialogue was written by Aaron Sorkin.  But the history is serious and very well done.  He has an opinion and shares it frequently.  But the point is presenting history, not his vision of history.

Below is the first of the To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1

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