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Takeaway: Life according to God’s purpose for us, may seem radical to others, but it should be more about obedience than an attempt at radicalness.

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My wife and I read a few pages every night before we go to sleep.  Crazy Love was our most recent book.  Francis Chan is a captivating speaking and author. And the book is a fairly serious one.

A ton of people have written really good reviews of this book and I am not sure how to add to them.  Francis Chan starts with the glory of God.  If you have heard Louis Giglio speak often there is some overlapping themes and style with the first couple chapters.

But then Chan moves into an assessable, modern call to live a radical life for Christ.  He challenges the reader to inspect what they claim to believe.  And if you believe what you say, then why aren’t you living with the type of radical devotion that shows that we really believe what we say.

There are several sections of examples of real life people trying to live a life devoted to Christ.  If you want your faith challenged.  This is a good place to start.  Fairly short book, 192 pages.


I have heard that is a good book from several of my colleagues. Keep up the good work of reading and sharing it with others.

Hi there, I have been looking to read Crazy Love for a while now- I have heard from lots of friends that it's really challenging, and I just haven't had the chance to get a copy. This is an awesome giveaway!


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