Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

Dad is Fat by Jim GaffiganAs a departure from my usual fiction novel, Dad is Fat was a good book and an even funnier book to listen to. Of all the comedians, I enjoy Jim Gaffigan because he is a relatively clean comedian and his topics don’t cause me to cringe.

Since Gaffigan narrated his own book, Dad is Fat came across as a series of stand-up comedy routines or essays on various subjects related to parenting. The reason I liked the book was because there were many times where it validated what I already knew to be true about being a parent. When I heard that the next chapter was going to be “You win, McDonalds”, I knew that I was going to be agreeing with what he was about to be saying.

Another reason I appreciated the book was because it helped me to see more humor in the parenting situations that aren’t always humorous. For example, dealing with family during the holidays, ugh.

I actually preferred listening to this book over watching or listening to one of Gaffigan’s stand-up routines because it came across as more intimate to me like we were sitting at the kitchen table sharing stories. I would recommend this book to parents everywhere.

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