Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

Dad is Fat by Jim GaffiganSummary: Funny stories mixed in with some advice.

I like comedy.  I don’t laugh nearly enough.  I have a tendency to be a little too serious.  But I have a few standard humor authors.  Christopher Buckley is one of my favorites (but I have read pretty much everything he has written.)  Christopher Moore is pretty funny except when he isn’t.  I really liked Bossypants by Tina Fey.

Last year, some friends introduced me to Jim Gaffigan.  Since then I think I have seen three of his TV comedy shows and I really like his humor.  He seems like a fairly real person.  And like me he is an introvert, likes kids, hates sports, is a little over weight and loves his wife.

This seemed like the perfect book for him.  He has great material on being a Dad.  He has five kids (six and under).  He lives in New York City in a 2 bedroom apartment (on the 5th floor without an elevator) and lives without a car.  When he is not touring, he is often at home with his kids.

And I did like the book.  It was the right mix of humor with enough just enough serious to really like the guy.  It isn’t long, 5 and a half hours on audiobook or 288 pages.  If you are going to read a book by a comic, you should listen to it.  Comics are often good readers and it many ways it is just like a long comedy show.

The only negative to the book is that in spite of the fact I have only seen 3 of his TV shows it felt like I had heard about 20-25 percent of the material before.  All of the material I had heard before was still funny and it was perfect for the book because of the subject matter.  But it because it has been on his shows, you might have heard it as well.

So this is a book I recommend.  He is a great comic.  But if you love Gaffigan and have heard a lot of his stuff, you might have heard part of this already.

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