The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan

The Demigod Files (A Percy Jackson and the Olympians Guide)I gave up on this book.  I checked it out of the library as an audiobook through the Overdrive system.  I really enjoyed the rest of the Percy Jackson series, but this book is clearly filler.  Evidentially it was released between books four and five to keep readers happy and interested in the series until the last book came out.

This is three short stories, interviews with the characters from the books and some other filler materials.  The first story is about Percy and Charisse (one of the other half-god teens that does not get along with Percy).  The second story is about one of the capture the flag games at Camp Half Blood.  The third story is about Chronos stealing Hades’ sword.  The last story is the only one that is really related to the series storyline.  I listened to the three stories and skipped around the interviews.  The interview were not interesting.  The stories were ok, but not really all that important to the story line of the series or frankly all that good.

All in all, I would skip this book.  By the way on audio, it is not even 3 hours if you don’t count the sneak peak of book five.

I am not going to bother linking to purchase links.  If you can check it out at the library, go ahead, but don’t bother buying it.

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