The Devil Walks in Mattingly by Billy Coffey  want to welcome a new contributing reviewer, Allen Madding.
The Devil Walks in Mattingly by Billy Coffey

Mattingly, Virginia Sheriff Jake Barnett, his wife Kate, and Taylor Hathcock have spent twenty years wrought with guilt for their roles in the death of Phillip McBride. While his death was ruled a suicide, these three people know better and each would say they killed Phillip. Each have dealt with their guilt in their own unique way.

Phillip has haunted Jake’s dreams every night as Jake has tried to bury Phillip without success. Kate has busied herself doing good for others trying to earn her penance while Taylor has gone absolutely mad. Jake has spent his life trying to live in the shadow of his father Justus never earning his approval. Things come to a head when Phillip returns. Phillip’s return to Mattingly reveals truth to years of deceit. Grace and forgiveness meets head-on with murder, deceit, and years of lies in the middle of Happy Hollow, a place ironically named.

Billy Coffey holds the reader’s attention from chapter to chapter in a moving novel that is hard to put down. At times the reader has a hard time believing this is a work of fiction. The reader can identify with elements of each of the characters in the novel causing some soul searching.

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