Wife Review of Divergent by Veronica Roth

I suppose this means my posts may be more like every couple of months rather than weekly. You will be proud to hear that I have actually read several books since I last guest posted here. Over my Spring Break (I am the Academic Coach at an elementary school) I decided to read The Hunger Games trilogy. I must first admit I committed the cardinal book-reader’s sin and saw the movie BEFORE reading! To make up for it I read all 3 books and each book took less than a day to read…which is great since I am a slow reader! I know most of you have read these books, or you are silly enough to be righteously opposed to them and refuse to read or enjoy them so they sit right next to Harry Potter in your mind’s bookshelf. All I can really say is I’m sorry you are missing out.


The other book I read was Divergent. When reading Divergent I was actually able to place myself as one of the teens trying to decide what faction I should join. Which would best suit my personality and beliefs? While The Hunger Games makes you glad you don’t have to know your life-saving skills, Divergent seemed to challenge me to figure out could I do the challenges and would I be accepted in the various factions. I am looking forward to this weekend when I will take some time to read the next book in this series, Insurgent. Maybe book 2 will help me identify my true faction, or maybe, just maybe I’m Divergent… how cool would that be? I do score in opposite quadrants on personality tests but maybe that just makes me a freak!

Happy reading Y’all

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