Dragon Ship (Theo Waitley #4) by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Dragon Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve MillerSummary: Theo Waitley is now a pilot, has found out that she is the brother of the Delm of Korval and is going on the first run with her new ship.

The most recent book in the Liaden Universe series was released last month. Dragon Ship is the fourth in the Theo Waitley subseries and the 17th overall (including stand alone novels).

You are either interested in series Science Fiction or you are not.  So this will be a short review.  This is the story of Theo’s first real long haul ship voyage with Bechimo, a sentient ship with Old Technology that the Department of the Interior wants to possess.

Theo has a co-pilot while her ex-lover is being mended by the ship and out of the story for most of the book.  This book is about Theo learning to be a captain and the assembling of a crew.  It is a middle book in a series.  There is some action, but a lot of character building.  I appreciate that the authors like characters that are not perfect.  Theo, as well as the other characters, realize that they need to grow and that they have flaws.  They want to improve themselves.  There is also a strong moral code.  Theo wants to do the right thing, whether it means putting her own life at risk or not.

It is a classic science fiction book.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but not a bad book either.  If you like Liaden, you will enjoy this book.  If you have not read in the Liaden series, you will not want to start here.

Dragon Ship Purchase Links: Hardcover, Audible.com Audiobook, Multiformat Ebook from Baen.com

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