Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad! by John Pfeiffer

Dude, You're Gonna Be a Dad! by John PfeifferSummary: Humorous look at the pregnancy process from the Dad’s perspective.

If you are just joining us, my wife is pregnant and our first child is due in early November.  I process by reading.  So, I am reading.

John Pfeiffer does a good job writing a book that most guys will actually enjoy reading.

There is good info, good advice and mostly just warnings about what to expect.  I am not completely unaware of pregnancy.  I was a nanny for 5 years, I have been around a lot of pregnant people.  But as a guy, there are some things that just don’t get shared unless you are the actual father involved.

Occasionally I think the humor veers to much into the ‘dumb guy’ territory.  I am fine with self-deprecating humor, but I am not interested in being treated like an idiot, let alone one that has no concept of his spouse.

Most of the time the humor in this is actually funny and within the bounds of not treating me like an idiot.  I did skim a few areas, but I have some experience with children so not everything was necessary.

This book is free to borrow from the Kindle Lending Library and it has been free previously so it should be available pretty easily from the Kindle borrowing sites like Lendle.me.

Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad Purchase Links: Kindle Edition, Paperback, Audible.com Audiobook

The Kindle version is lendable, if you want to borrow it, leave a comment below.  Audiobook is discounted to $3.49 with purchase of Kindle Book.

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