Ebooks now make up 20% of Total Publisher Revenue

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The annual survey of publishers, BookStats, is out and like recent years there was a significant increase in ebook sales.  But total revenues are also doing quite well for publishers.  In 2012 there was a total revenue of $15 Billion, up from $14 Billion in 2011.

Ebooks now make up 20% of total publisher revenue and with that, the sales channel is continuing to move online and away from brick and mortar book stores.  Paidcontent.org has some good charts about the shift.

Something that is interesting is that total book related revenue (including the educational market and professional/scholarly publishing is down 0.9% from 2011.  So despite healthy consumer book market, the education and professional market is down.  This makes sense because those are the two areas that have been slower to adopt ebook format.

Also audiobook sales are up 22% for the year, which is also related to consumers wanting to get more formats.

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