An eInk Case for Your Galaxy S4

(Credit: Andrew Hoyle/CNET)

I am a fan of eInk technology.  It is low power, low eye-strain, good for lots of reading conditions.  So I am interested in the variety of ways that it is used.

PocketBook has released a new eInk case for your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

The Galaxy S4 is in a case, the connector works with the eInk screen and allows you to open up the book, turn off the main LCD screen (save battery and your eyes) and then use the phone’s volume buttons to change pages.  The picture on the right shows the case open, but you can close it with the eInk screen on the outside and read just like a regular Kindle or Nook ereader.

Right now this works only with the proprietary PocketBook app, but theoretically, this can work with almost any app.  You could check your email or see who is calling with just the eInk screen and prolong your phone’s battery.  (Which is the major problem of most smart phones, especially the large screen android phones.)

GoodEreader has a video about how this works in real life.  Well worth checking out if you are interested.  None of the reports I found was included a price for the case.

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