EntitleChristian – A New eBook Subscription Service

Entitle ChristianLast year Oyster launched what I think was the first ebook subscription service.  For $9.99 a month you can read as many of their books as you want.  Bookwi.se Reviewed and thought the selection was fairly good and the price reasonable, but at the time it was iphone only.  It has since expanded to have iPad app and other subscription services have come to the market.

Personally, I just don’t like reading on my phone or tablet and very much prefer eink ereaders like the Kindle Paperwhite, but I know there are other opinions.

Entitle is one of the recent subscription services that is competing with Oyster.  Unlike Oyster’s all you can read model, Entitle is similar to the Audible subscription with $9.99 allowing you to purchase 2 books a month.  The advantage of this model is that you can keep the books when you leave the service (with Oyster, you get access to more books, but you lose access to the books when you end your subscription.)

I think these are both legitimate options depending on if you want to buy books or ‘stream’ them.

I would have missed Entitle as an option except that last week Entitle launched EntitleChristian (and three different news articles about it showed up in my RSS reader today.  Both Oyster and Entitle have about 100,000 books to choose from.  But EntitleChristian is a service that just has Christian books (about 10,000 right now).  It is the same price and same features as the regular Entitle service, just with the negative of having access to less book (or the bonus of having a curated system that excludes non-Christian books.)

I won’t be reviewing Entitle, but I would be glad to post a review of either Entitle or EntitleChristian if anyone is interested writing one up.  You can get a free trial with 2 books when you sign up.  Entitle works with iPads, iPhones and Android Tablets (including Google, Kobo, Nook and Kindle Fire).

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