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Over the last few months the Bookwi.se Fan page has been growing.  We have added almost 150 ‘fans’ in the last four months.  But we are actually reaching less people.  I have been able to see that through the metrics that track how many posts are viewed from Facebook.  Today Boing Boing posted an article that confirmed what I had suspected.  Facebook has been limiting access to posts by fan pages unless you pay to promote them.

Each post on our Fan page reaches about 10-15% of our fans.  The rest of the time subscribers are simply not shown the update.  Bookwi.se could choose to pay to reach more fans that have subscribed but since we already do not actually make money on the blog that is not going to happen.

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On a personal page a person can choose to subscribe and make sure they see every post.  On a Fan page there is not that same option, and from Facebook’s perspective, this is intentional, Facebook is trying to make money.

So I recommend you subscribe to an RSS feed or the Bookwi.se Email.  An RSS feed is a way for your computer to be notified every time there is an update on the blogs and webpages you pay attention to.  The most common is Google Reader.  Simply copy our feed, or for most websites, just type in the URL (ie http://bookwi.se) and then go back to the reader any time you want to see the updates.

You can also read updates on your email if you choose.  The only weakness is that the email only shows a partial copy of the article and you have to click through to see the rest.  This is a weakness of the system Bookwi.se is using and not our choice to show partial articles in our email.

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