Four More Best of 2012 Book Lists

I really do like to read what other people think about book and find new books to read.  So I keep reading best of book lists.

Here are four lists from blogs I read regularly.

John Chandler is a pastor in Austin, TX and an online friend.  We have similar tastes in books and similar interests and often read similar books.  His top three books I have read and really recommend all three.

Mockingbird is a wide ranging blog that brings a reformed perspective on current culture, arts, literature and theology.  They posted the Top Theology Books of 2012.  A lot of books that are interesting, but I have not read any of them (and none of the ones I am interested are available for kindle.)

This is not really a best-of list but just the best audiobooks that Challies has listened to recently.  Four of the five of them are history.  I have read one and bought another.

Bob Cornwall is a pastor Troy, MI and blogger.  This is the most extensive best of list of the four.

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