Free Books, Paper Ones!

I love my kindle in large part because I do not need shelves for the books.  Part of my commitment to myself when I bought the kindle was to not build up a paper library.  So I give away almost all of my paper books once I have read them.  I also get a few, not a lot, of books because I am a blogger.  I have a commitment because of the blog, to give away all books that are from publishers.

I will send you, at my cost, any of these books as long as you agree to read them.  Leave a comment below with the book you want and I will email you asking for your address.

A Time to Heal: John Perkins, Community Development, and Racial ReconciliationA Time to Heal by John Perkins

I have not blogged this one because I have had it for a while.  It is a very good biography of John Perkins, the father of the modern Christian Community Development movement.  He was a part of the later civil rights movement, but an unheralded one.  John Perkins is one of the handful of people that I would love to spend extended time with.  I place him close to Eugene Peterson in my pantheon of living Christian leaders.

Peace Like a River

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

This is a young adult novel that received a lot of word of mouth.  It is in the voice of a 12 year old boy, whose brother is accused of murder.  I started it to be a part of a blog discussion.  I didn’t finish on time and I just was not engaged enough to finish the story.   It was very well written and I can understand why so many people really liked it.  I just was not the story that I wanted when I was reading it.

Mere Churchianity: Finding Your Way Back to Jesus-Shaped SpiritualityMere Churchianity: Finding Your Way Back to Jesus-Shaped Spirituality by Michael Spencer (link to my review)

I reviewed this and really liked it.  If you are sketchy on the church because of the extra stuff that people add to it.  This is a good book for you.  It is primarily written for people that have or are considering leaving the church.  But I think that you can find benefit even if you are very committed to the church.

The Next Christians: How a New Generation is Restoring the Faith by Gabe Lyons (one copy left)

The Next ChristiansI there there are a look of good things to say about the Next Christians book. The beginning is a good discussion about the different ways that Christians interact with culture. And I think that is the best part of the book. The last is mini-bios of people that show the characteristics of what Lyons says are the Next Christians. It is good, but I think more of an ideal type than large scale change.  (I have two copies).

Church PlanterChurch Planter: The Man, The Message, The Mission by Darrin Patrick

I received this free in a Catalyst mailing, but I am not a church planter or pastor and am not going to read it anytime soon.  So someone else might as well read it and get something out of it.

Twice a Spy: A Novel

Twice a Spy by Keith Thomson (my review)

I really liked these two books.  This is the second in a series and you will want to read the first one before you read this one.  But if you like spy fiction, it is a good book.

Be Still and Know: A Study in the life of Prayer by Michael Ramsey

I was not a huge fan of this book.  But is is a decent short study of prayer in scripture.

Long Journey Home: A Guide to Your Search for the Meaning of Life

Long Journey Home: A Guide in Your Search for the Meaning of Life by Os Guinness

I have not read this one.  It was given to me a couple years ago and I still have not read it and don’t think I will read it any time soon so I might as well pass it on.  It has very good reviews on Amazon, but I am not at a place where I am searching for the meaning of life.  I am more searching for a quiet five minutes to read.



man, i’d love a copy of The Next Christians.

I would love to read Mere Churchianity!

Twice A Spy, please.

I would love either A Time to Heal or Meaning of Life. Either would be great.

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