Ghost Ship (Theo Waitley #3) by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Ghost Ship (Liaden Universe)Summary: Theo meets the rest of the Clan Korval Family and meets her new ship.

How do you review a book that is #3 is a sub-series and number 14 is a larger series?

After all most people will either not be interested because they have not read any of the previous books, or they are not interested because they have already invested so much time reading the series that they are going to read the book regardless of how well it is written.

So I am going to keep it short and sweet.  If you have already read the whole series, this book brings back even more of the characters from earlier in the series that you have come to love.  Almost all of the previous characters are here.  Clan Korval has just moved from Liad to Surebleak and the whole clan is together.

For those that have not read any of the series, I would encourage you to start at Fledgeling.  It is the start of a sub-series that is mostly stand alone.  It is a bit more young adult in feel than the rest of the series, but is not childish.  Theo Waitley is the main character of this sub-series and she is a child when the book starts and through the fourth book (where I am now) she is only in her early 20s.

This series is a science fiction version of coming of age.  Learning to pilot spaceships, deal with aliens and strange technology and take care of yourself in dangerous situations.  Like most science fiction it has a bias toward individualism, the old western version of take care of yourself.  It is not really libertarian in feel, but to moves in that direction.  Although as a whole the Liaden books are more tribal or clan oriented than individualistic.  It is just that Theo Waitley did not grow up in the clan so she has to grow to understand her place in it.

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