How to Gift Kindle Ebooks

Because of all the sales, I wanted to repost about how to give a kindle book as a gift.

First you go to the kindle edition of the book. Then look below the regular Buy Now button and click ‘Give as a Gift’.

That brings up another screen that allows you to do one of two things.

1) You can designate a person to give the gift to by putting in an email address and a date to deliver the book. The email can be any email address, not just the person’s regular Amazon email address, but the date is only day specific, not time specific. Usually they are delivered at or after 12 AM Pacific, which is not always the best time for it to be delivered.

2) The other option is to email the gift to yourself and then you can forward the email or print out the redeem code and give the person a gift in person.

The advantage of sending the code to yourself, is that you can buy the book when it is on sale, but not have a person that you know you want to give it to yet.  I know I have wanted to buy books that I thought were great, but didn’t have anyone in particular to give it to. But I knew someday I would want to give that book away.

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