Got some books to give away

I have had a very nice Christmas break.  I have not worked hardly at all and I honestly have not read all that much either.  I misplaced my kindle somewhere (I lose pretty much everything, and usually it will turn up eventually.)  Today my wife and I worked on cleaning out two closets and turning one into a kids bed so both of my nieces (that I nanny full time) can sleep in the same room, since that is their preference most of the time).  The other is now a craft desk for my wife.

That means I have several stacks of books that I need to get rid of.  I also had a friend (John from that has some promotional books that he is giving me as soon as I have a chance to go pick them up.  So over the next two weeks I will have at least 20-30 paper books to give away.

What do people prefer 1) just let everyone call the books they want and I sent them out, 2) Some sort of contest, or 3) Something much cooler that one of you suggests.

As always, I give books away (I pay shipping) and you have no obligation.  But I would like some more contributors to, so if anyone wants to write up a review for any of the books I give away I would love that.


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I suggest just giving the lot of books to the first-to-comment! 🙂

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