Heat Wave (Nikki Heat) by Richard Castle

Heat Wave by Richard CastleSummary: First of a series of book that are written to be the books of Richard Castle (the author in the TV series Castle.)

My wife and I are huge fans of the TV show Castle.  So ever since I found out that there is actually a series of books that were written to coincide with the books that Richard Castle writes in the show.

I was interested enough to want to read this, but not enough to actually buy it.  I picked it up at my library on audiobook.

In the TV show, Richard Castle is a mystery writer that works follows the police murder detective Beckett.  He is inspired to write the book Heat Wave about the police detective Nikki Heat and the journalist Rook.

The whole book is like that.  It is just a little bit off from the TV show.  Enough alike that you see Becket and Castle, but enough different that you almost feel like it might be wrong.

I enjoyed the book and listened to it quickly.  It seemed to get better as the book went on.  Initially it felt too stilted.  And I thought that Richard Castle would be a better writer than what was shown at beginning of the book.

Heat Wave Purchase Links: Paperback, Kindle Edition, Audible.com Audiobook (Audiobook is discounted to $3.49 with purchase of Kindle Book)

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