Hourglass by Myra Mcentire

I am reposting this review because this book, and the following book are on sale for $1.99.


Summary: Emerson discovers that she is not just a messed up kid that people think is crazy.  She is actually a time traveler.

I am not sure why Young Adult literature seems to attract me so often.  Maybe because the themes are often so clear, or that they are often quick reads or that I usually actually like the characters (unlike so many of the adult oriented fiction that I have read recently.)

Regardless, this is the opening of a series that I mostly liked.  Emerson is a 17 year old girl that has spent the last few years trying to escape from two things.  1) Her parents died.  And 2) she can see ghosts.  She has been treated by a variety of mental health professionals and quacks.  Her brother (her guardian) has found yet another person to work with her.  And being that this is a young adult book, he (Michael) is hot, and just a couple years older than her.

Young love stories are kind of fun.  Everything is all about the other, there is usually lots of misunderstanding, a resistance to share their real feelings and a good bit of tension.  But in this case there is a paranormal/science fiction element.  Because the ghosts that Emerson is seeing are not ghosts, but ripples of time travel.  Emerson can actually travel into the past.  And Michael is her opposite, he can travel into the future.  They are irresistibly drawn to one another because of their gifts.

Michael is connected with Hourglass, an X-men styled school for young adults that have different gifts.  But all is not well as the school and Michael needs Emerson’s help to fix it.

On the whole, I liked the book.  There is a bit too much over the top teenage angst.  But it is a Young Adult book, so I will give it a bit of a break.  There is a bit of an issue with time travel loops that doesn’t completely make sense, but again, that goes with the genre.  If you like young adult books with a little romance/fantasy/paranormal flair, this is a pretty good one.

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