Huntress (A Grace Murphy Novel) by Nicole Hamlett

Reposting this review because the Kindle version is free.

Huntress (A Grace Murphy Novel) by Nicole HamlettSummary: Romance author, single mom, recent divorcee, Grace just found out she is the daughter of Diana.

I like the idea of modern takes on stories of the ancient God and their modern children.

Obviously, Rick Riordan has done this recently with his Percy Jackson series, but there are other ways to approach the same type of story.

Huntress is an adult take on the idea.  It is written for adult, with an adult intended audience.  There is some language, but it is not erotica, just occasionally suggestive (no actually sex.)

Grace has been hidden from the Gods (there is a story there but I won’t spoil it) in order to protect her from her father (who does not know about her.)  But once Diana reveals Grace’s true identity all bets are off.  Grace has to find her destiny and train, train, train if she is going to be able to protect herself and her son.

This is a fun beach read, and I will pick up the next one eventually.  Grace feels like a real person, not a superhero.  And she is a bit of a geek, which is a nice touch.

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