Image and Imagination by CS Lewis (and some CS Lewis Sales)

With the exception of a previously unpublished essay, this is just a collection of book reviews Lewis wrote that were printed in a variety of places over the years. Reading reviews of non-contemporary books that one knows little to nothing about is pretty dull. I definitely enjoyed Lewis’ discussion of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but otherwise his book is only for the most intense and academic of Lewis scholars and historians.

Image and Imagination by CS Lewis Kindle Purchase Link


Image and Imagination is part of a series of books that are being re-released on kindle by CS Lewis.  These are all more academically oriented.  But all of them are on sale right now for $3.79-$3.99.  Others are below.

Selected Literary Essays – $3.99

The Allegory of Love  – $3.99

An Experiment in Criticism – $3.79

Studies in Words – $3.79

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature – $3.79


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