John Wilson’s Favorite Books of 2012

Books and Culture MagazineYou may not know who John Wilson is, but he is a reader worth paying attention to.  He is the editor of Christianity Today’s Books and Culture magazine and one of the most interesting readers I know.  (I don’t actually know him, it is a figure of speech).

I regularly listen to the Books and Culture podcast and I subscribe to Books and Culture magazine.   Both are well worth the time.

John Wilson has posted his favorite books of 2012.  This is not a best books of 2012, but a favorite books of 2012 list.  This is the same model I use when I put together the Best of list (which I finalized this morning.)

One of the things I like about John Wilson is that he reads all kinds of books.  Both the very serious and academic and the light and fun.  (He is also a fan of spy fiction and keeps introducing me to new and good spy fiction.)  I will admit that I have not read a single book on the list and have only heard of one of them.

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