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I have again reorganized my lending.  I am still on goodreads.  But I have also put all of my books on Lendle.  It is a website that helps you find other Kindle users to share your books with.  I am working on a blog post about it.  But it is free to join and free to borrow.  (Lendle makes money from advertising and Amazon affiliate links.)  Try Lendle (my username is Bookwise).  My initial thoughts about Lendle are on a blog post here.  I will do a full review later.
I reorganized the books onto my Goodreads page (with pictures and descriptions.)
Still have to leave a comment here if you want to borrow a book.
Leave a comment here with the book that you would like to borrow.  Use your Amazon email as your email on the comment page.  Please only request one book at a time and be sure you can finish the book within 14 days.  You can also look at the books by title or in a google spreadsheet
RivenMilrose Munce and the Plague of Toxic FungusThe Little KnownThe Incomparable ChristPoke the BoxWhy We Read Fiction: Theory of Mind and the Novel (Theory and Interpretation of Narrative)Blue
Whisper on the WindMedical ErrorThe Beer DevotionalLeota's GardenDivineThe SwordPulpit Fiction - a gallery of clerical errors and amusing grace (The Max Faction)


Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2)

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