Kindles on Planes by Next Year

aI am a big fan of kindles.  I vastly prefer digital books (either audio or kindle) to paper.  Part of it is connivence, part of it is clutter.  The only real place that I read paper books instead of ebook is on a plane.  But soon I should be able to read a kindle throughout the plane ride (instead of just over 10,000 feet as the rules now state.)

After a long campaign by Nick Bilton (and others) to force the FAA to actually give a reason for the kindle ban, and then to force them to actually test their theories instead of making untested assertions, the FAA has agreed.

According to reports, the FAA has been testing and plans to allow Kindles and other ereaders to be read at any time on the flight.  The rule change is expected to happen before the end fo the year.

If you are concerned about this, this post by Nick Bilton is good background on why kindles can’t interfere with plane navigation or electronics.  Also FAA has allowed (and encouraged) pilots to use iPads in the cockpit throughout the flight since Dec 1, 2011 and there have been no incidents.


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