1405689426_0.pngKindleUnlimited is now live.  I am not sure if Amazon moved up their release because of the leak or if it was always planned for release today.

Kindleunlimied is a ‘netflix for books’ plan.  For $9.99 a month you get access to more than 600,000 books.  And with about 7000 of those book, there is Audiobooks paired with the kindle book so you can switch back and forth between the audiobook and kindle book.  (It looks like some of the audiobooks you can buy the add-on, and some are free.)

There is a one month free trial and with the free trial you get a three month free trial to

I have signed up with the trial and I will post more after I am able to review the process.  But the quick look shows a number of good books that I have read and review and I am interested in reading.  The front pages shows, the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Huger Games along with a number of other books.

Right now I don’t see anything about how it really works.  Can you have multiple books at a time? There is a brief FAQ, but I am going to have to explore it because my questions are not really answered.

The cost seems reasonable depending on how it works.  I often only read a book once, so book rental is ok with me.  My guess is that there is more than enough books for me to read for quite a while, but not every books I want to read.

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