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I am planning on doing a longer review of Lendle next week. But I wanted to do a short introduction and review now. One of the new features this year for Amazon Kindle is sharing. Amazon is late to the sharing game, but because Amazon is the largest ebook maker and seller, they have a disproportionate effect.

Lendle is a site that connects Kindle users so that they can share books.  This is a free service, the user gains credits by submitting books to a library that can be lent.  These credits are then used to borrow other people’s books.  So it is a balance that allows someone to both borrow and lend.

If you want to check it out, go to http://Lende.me.  Unlike some of the social sites like Goodreads, the particular users is not very important.  You are looking for a book.

Up front as I added books I saw several things I would like improved.  1) Entering books is not as easy as it could be. Amazon forced Lendle to remove a syncing feature that automatically entered your books into the service.  That would have been a very nice feature because I have a large library.  If I did not already have my lendlable books tracked it would have taken even longer.  2) I don’t see a wishlist feature.  You can request books that you want to read right now.  But if you want to collect books that you want to read eventually, there is not an option.

Lending is very easy. I have not borrowed a book yet, but I will before I write up a full review.

There is not a great reason to use my referral code because I have a ton of books available to lend.  But there is a referral code that gives you more borrowing credits if you refer new users.

Has anyone else used Lendle?  Any thoughts


Hi, Adam.

I’m one of the Lendle co-founders. Let us know if you have any questions for the piece you’re planning.

Regarding the wishlist thing, we do have something, but it’s one of the features we use to encourage Patron upgrades:

Essentially, if you see a book you want to borrow, but you’re not quite ready, you can Book It. This basically puts you in line for the request (and makes a note of it for you) but doesn’t officially request the book. Even so, you still move up the queue. Once you get to the number one spot, you hold that spot until you put in an official request. You can book as many as you like, and wait as long as you like. If you get to the front of the line, those waiting behind you skip over your spot until you put in your request, at which point you get the next lend. (If you put in your request while you’re still 3rd, or 4th, or whatever, you start at that position.)

Again, that’s a Patron-only feature. ($25 one-time fee. There are a few other features, as well.)

We’ve also got a redesign in the works that is basically our “Lendle 2.0” that we hope to launch not longer after the Kindle Fire ships.

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