Little Better Than a Beast by Tom King (Vision #2)

Little Better Than a Beast by Tom King (Vision #2)Summary: Vision continues to struggle to live a normal family life.

About a year ago I picked up then first volume of this series. Vision, has attempted to create a family. After himself being created by the evil Ultron, but eventually joining the Avengers, he creates a standard suburban family (his wife and two teen kids.)

The first volume is more about what it means to be human and a family and how hard they work to maintain that illusion of normality.

The second volume, Little Better Than a Beast, builds on the first. There is more back story here for people like me that don’t know Vision’s back story. The book opens with Vision’s relationship to the Scarlet Witch summarized. It is that failed relationship that spawned the idea for Vision to create his own family. One that hopefully would be acceptable both to the world and would work internally.

The second part of this story is that Vision’s ’brother’ (also created by Ultron and now working for the Avengers) comes to live with Vision and his family.

The combination of the back story and the current story lead to yet another tragedy. The whole point of this series is to watch Vision’s attempt to be a normal human devolve into his breakdown.

I do not think this second volume is quite as good as the first. But it is still good as a tragedy. And I appreciated the backstory that gave me more understanding of the context, although anyone familiar with the story probably knew the backstory already.

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