The Lost Hero (Heros of Olympus #1) by Rick Riordan

The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus)Summary: A new set of heroes are on a quest to free Hera and stop something worse than the Titans from destroying the Gods (and maybe all of humanity with them.)

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians were rightly a popular series of young adult books.  They include magic, heroes, Greek Gods, adventure and lots of historical and mythical references.

With The Lost Hero, Riordan takes the same setting and starts a new series with new main characters.  Jason has no memory of his past.  But he is son of Zeus and and already battle tested and a leader, but he has never been to Camp Half-Blood before.  Leo is a mechanical genius, but after the death of his mother he has been hiding his real power.  Piper is the daughter of a famous movie star and constantly in trouble for theft.

These three have to go on a quest to release Hera from her kidnappers and stop something from trying to destroy the Gods.

This book follows the same basic style of the Percy Jackson books, except that the main characters alternate narration.  The style works well for this book and I think will work well for the series.  It is less about one character (Percy) and more about the group.

Annabeth and Chiron and some of the other characters are present but they are focused on finding Percy, who has gone missing.  I thought this was an entirely new series set into the same universe.  But this is really a continuation of the Percy Jackson series with different main characters.

It is a very solid re-boot.  You do not need to have read the Percy Jackson books first, but I would recommend it.  If you have a kindle, most of Riordan’s books are lendable and available at Kindle lending sites like or  You should also check your library for the ebooks or audiobooks.

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