Love Walked Among Us: Learning to Love Like Jesus by Paul Miller

Love Walked Among Us: Learning To Love Like JesusTakeaway: Jesus did not love in some abstract ethereal way.  He loved the people around him personally, physically and in a very human manner.

Love Walked Among Us is a very concrete, personal look at how we can learn to love like Jesus did.  I very much enjoyed Paul Miller’s book A Praying Life.  And this is very much in line with that in style.

Miller is a husband and father.  And very few pages go by without a personal illustration about how he is either learning to love like Jesus through his family, or an illustration of how he needs to learn to love like Jesus more.  His book on prayer frequently talks about his daughter Kim, who is severely disabled and how he learned to pray through loving her.

This book includes Kim and his other children, but is more focused on loving his wife.  This book would make a very good small group discussion, especially a group with married couples.  I know there is a curriculum that goes with the book, but I have not reviewed it.

In fact, I did not finish the last couple of chapters because this book was on loan in kindle format the the loan expired a couple chapters before I was done.  But the book was well worth reading.

Overall, Paul Miller keeps pointing out that love is about the other, which means our time is not our own, our focus cannot be solely our own, our expectations sometimes need to be set aside.  Love is not something we accomplish, but something we work toward.  A very good reminder.

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