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medge guardian Waterproof kindle case

Guardian Waterproof Case (image credit Engaget)

Last week I went on my first cruise.  I unexpectedly was the subject of a lot of pictures from strangers (seriously I noticed at least a dozen people covertly or overtly taking my picture.)

It was certainly not my good looks or my chiseled abs, it was my M-Edge Guardian Kindle case.  The case is completely waterproof, floating and virtually indestructible protection for a 2nd Generation Kindle.

One of my favorite things to do is float in the ocean (or in this case the salt water pool) and read.  I can do this only because of the Guardian case.  I bought two of these right when they came out about 3 or 4 years ago.  They were not cheap, $79 a piece, but they were the best kindle purchase I have ever made.

I loved them so much I purchased a used 2nd Generation Kindle when I bought a new Kindle Paperwhite so that I could still use the case.

But this post is about M-Edge‘s great customer service.  Last year one of the latches cracked and the case no longer sealed properly.  I looked around for a used case for a while to replace it before someone suggested I contact M-Edge about a replacement.  I asked M-Edge if they had any extra stock that I could buy to replace my broken one.  They responded back the same day that they would be glad to replace it for free (the case is no longer for sale.)

Last week on our trip, a latch on the second case also cracked and again would not seal properly.  So I contacted them yesterday, again offered to purchase a new case and they again told me they would replace it for free.  (Both times paying for the shipping.)

This is great customer service, standing behind a product that is no longer offered, that is not under warranty and when the customer would have gladly paid for the replacement.

My only complaint is that M-Edge has not come out with cases for any of the newer Amazon Kindles.  If you are thinking about a case for your phone, kindle, ipad, etc., M-Edge has some great cases.


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