The Man With Two Left Feet and Other Stories by PG Wodehouse

Summary: Collection of humourous short stories, but the dog one is not to be missed.

I was complaining that I needed something different to read a few weeks ago and Seth Simmons, one of’s regular contributors suggested PG Wodehouse.  Like so many authors, I was aware of him as a great humorist, but I had not actually read anything.

The Man With Two Left Feet is one of about 30 of his books that are in the public domain and available for free as kindle books.  And several of those have Audible discounts if you buy the kindle version first.

I wasn’t paying attention when I picked this up, because it is a collection of 13 short stories.  I am not a particular fan of short stories.  I prefer a full length book that really develops characters.

And this is one of Wodehouse’s earliest books and most of the reviews says it is not one of his best books.  But there are some very good stories here.

My favorite was a first person narrative from the perspective of a dog.  The dog doesn’t really understand humans, but loves them and wants to please them.  Unfortunately he was trained as a guard dog by a thief so he would not bark at the thief when he was breaking into houses.

But most of the stories were light ironic romances. The book was enjoyable and the narration was good (I listened to the audiobook).  But I think I need to read another of his books to get a better picture of Wodehouse.

The Man with Two Left Feet and Other Stories by PG Wodehouse: Free Kindle Edition, Audiobook audiobook is $0.99 with purchase of kindle book

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Wodehouse’s “Jeeves and Wooster” books are among his best and most popular, and they work wonderfully as audiobooks (at least the ones I’ve listened to, narrated by Jonathan Cecil, Martin Jarvis, or Frederick Davis).

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